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Rates come in two flavors: signed and unsigned. These will vary based on project length and a rough estimate of the amount of time involved, along with exactly what I'm hired to do (mixing, mastering, reamping, etc). Please contact me for details via the CONTACT section, or click here.


For signed and unsigned a 50% deposit will be due upon the start of the project, and the remaining 50% will be due when the mix/master goes out to you.
There will be no more than 3 revisions (the 3rd being the finals). Any additional revisions will incur a fee. 
If you will need stems for live performance or otherwise, this will incur an additional fee. 


All stems / WAV files to be submitted at minimum 44.1K / 24bit. Any sample rate / bit depth is acceptable. Please provide corresponding tempo information for each project, via MIDI file or otherwise. 
I can also accept Pro Tools and Cubase projects if you want to make it much simpler.
I accept files via WeTransfer, FTP transfer (please inquire for login), and DropBox. 
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